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Professional horticulture has been revolutionized: explore our cutting-edge products, specifically designed to help you take your plant cultivation endeavors to a new level. Our extensive selection of equipment and supplies will ensure success in all applications!

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Our LED Grow Lights are perfect for hobbyists wanting to cultivate their own lush gardens without breaking the bank!

Enjoy superior lighting technology that produces results, whether you're a novice or experienced gardener. With LUMENKING LED grow lights, indoor and greenhouse growers can achieve larger, better-quality yields in less time. By using specialized light spectrums to maximize plant growth at each developmental stage, energy consumption is significantly reduced without compromising results - allowing for more yield per square meter!

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Our HPS-Fixtures have stable light output and full circuit protection. They produce less heat and start up fast.

Get the most out of your home lighting with our top-of-the range Lumen King® HPS-fixtures! Our external control capability provides superior illumination for both single phase 240V and three phase 400V systems.

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Our Master Controller is innovative and intelligently programmed for optimal automation.

Make light control a breeze with automation! Set precise switching, timing and dimming cycles to suit your exact needs. Enjoy optimal temperature-controlled lighting for added safety assurance - you can even simulate sunrise and sunset periods for an impressively realistic effect. Automate the intensity of your lights as well as Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) levels – perfect lighting is just around the corner!

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Our values

Our business values are key components of our success, with these 6 core tenets leading the way. From integrity and innovation to collaboration and customer-focus, we strive to uphold high standards in everything that we do!

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Our products boast a stunning black design with uniform style elements, resulting in an alluring and inviting aesthetic.

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Our commitment to innovation and quality has resulted in products that are certified, reliable, and cost-effective. Put your trust in us: we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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Our LED products are efficient, long-lasting as well as low-maintenance, making them the ideal sustainable lighting. Due to their long service life, the replacement rate and the disposal rate are reduced, and at the same time fewer luminaires need to be produced.

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Our commitment to excellence ensures that our products are continuously enhanced and new developments continue to lead the market in innovation.

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At our company, we take immense pride in providing excellence to all facets of the business. From products and customers, to markets — each area receives attentive care with a passion that is unparalleled.

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Team work

Our collective strength as a team and community has been essential to our achievement. By staying united, we have created something truly special!


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We distribute our products internationally. Already available in different European countries.
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Most of our orders will be shipped the same day and will reach their destination in European countries within 48 hours.
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We ensure that large quantities of our main and most requested products are always in stock.
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Lumen King offers the shipping of products as full pallets, mixed pallets or boxes.